CSA Services

Who are CSA Services

CSA Services can transform the way you create and use energy. Our expert energy management helps homeowners; businesses and communities reduce energy costs, increase property values and lock-in savings for years to come.

We offer expert energy management solutions. CSA Services delivers exceptional customer care, backed by genuine business relationships and industry expertise.

Based in Lawnton, Queensland, we specialise in the design, supply and installation of solar grid connect systems and solar hot water systems for domestic and commercial applications. Our range of expertise encompasses remote area power systems, energy management solutions, energy audits and all aspects of electrical contracting.

CSA Services offer expertise in Commercial Solar and Energy Storage

Using solar and energy efficient products saves energy. If your system generates renewable electricity, which can be fed back into the grid, you may be eligible for the added bonus of a feed-in tariff.

Great for your bottom line and the environment, solar and energy efficient solutions help your business in more ways than one.

At CSA Services we offer expert energy management solutions with a genuine professional customer service so you can improve your building asset valuations and lock-in energy savings in years to come.

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