What are ebikes?

e-bikes or electric bikes are nothing new according to Ride on Magazine they have been around since 2011, but now they have hit the pinnacle of cool with rad designs, high tech lightweight composites, powerful batteries and motors as well as a burgeoning off road sport.

An ebike is simply a push bike with a battery driven electric motor that assists you in propelling the bike forward.

How far will these go as we search for the ultimate low cost commuter transportation.

Why get an ebike?


Although it’s a criticism frequently levelled, ebikes are not cheating. Every ride on an ebike is valuable physical activity. Obviously you gain more health benefit the less you use a throttle you use Utility

Ease of use

The extra power a motor brings to your legs means you can carry more stuff more easily.


Enjoyment comes from peace of mind and that’s what a motor can bring you: confidence that you’ll keep up with the others, get there and get back again.

low emissons less vehicles on the road, the list goes on.

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