Eco Transportation

ECO-Transport – The Future is Here.

Find your sustainable transportaition in the form of a e-car, e-bike or powered board.  To borrow from Wikipedia on the subject:

During the last few decades, environmental impact of the petroleum-based transportation infrastructure, along with the fear of peak oil, has led to renewed interest in an electric transportation infrastructure.[

And about time!  I think we can reasonably thank our ultrapaneur  Elon Musk  for his unfaltering vision for a commercially available and affordable electric car.

We will now see the other manufacturers come into line with an industry that is traditionally dirty. An industry that needs a good shake up.  I agree with Elon: we shouldn’t have to pay the earth for a reliable family car that is doesn’t burn fossil fuels.

What Electric Transport can we choose from?

While the car is the ultimate for most of us. We now have a range of vehicles in Australia or coming in the future.  These include e-bikes, e-boards, and e-trucks.

Some are used for more than just fun and have high value and low impact within todays society.

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